Why Compose

Running databases in production is hard. That’s why we built Compose: to help developers run databases reliably, securely, quickly, and easily – 24/7.

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Fully managed hosting

Our fully managed, database-as-a-service makes it easy for developers to run one, or hundreds, of databases without the hassle and complexity of managing database operations. Get peace of mind with standard, production-grade high-availability, auto-failover, autoscaling, encryption, and more.

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The fastest solutions on one platform

Easily select the right database(s) for building your applications. With Compose, another database technology is literally a click away.

Why Compose?

Compose is ideal for teams who want to spend more time developing their app and less time capacity planning. Compose offers instant peace of mind with strong security, automatic backups, replication, and monitoring.

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Seriously secure

Each deployment is put into its own private VLAN. And that’s where our security starts.

Brought to you by a global team

We’ve been hosting databases since 2010. Our experience of running production databases for thousands of customers (and ourselves!) is reflected in how our platform performs and helps teams build solid, performant data layers.

Global support

We take support seriously. All of our plan levels include 24/7 email access to our team of database engineers to help troubleshoot issues when they arise.

Enhanced support

We offer an optional Enhanced support level for customers with critical production database installations. The service provides an uptime SLA, tools, and faster access to experts 24x7.

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Deploy any one of our production-ready, cloud hosted databases in minutes with just a few clicks.

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