A fitness startup that needs Compose for the heavy lifting.

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Wageningen , Netherlands

At Workouttraxx, we build a sign-in system for CrossFit boxes and regular gyms. Members sign in into lessons and gym owners manage their schedules, members and payments using the system. All data is stored in Mongo, which works very well for applications that use JSON as the primary data format in the API.

Workouttraxx runs on Cloud RTI, a Kubernetes based deployment solution. While Kubernetes is great for deploying stateless components, deploying components like databases are an entirely different story. Since we started with Workouttraxx, we have been looking for a way to cheaply run a replicated Mongo installation. Although we don't have huge amounts of data, Mongo does have a central role for the application.

For our Mongo database we have been using Compose since day one and are very happy with it. Compose is perfect for startups. Running clustered Mongo including backups and such, which is required for most production deployments, isn't trivial and expensive to run in general. Compose takes care of this, and pricing is friendly for small deployments. It's a very nice tradeoff between hosting your own cluster on one side and using one of the data stores available on AWS, Google Cloud etc. While the second option is generally cheap, it has a much higher lock-in to the cloud provider and isn't usually as versatile as Mongo. Even without paying for premium performance, we have been very happy with the performance of Compose overall.

— Paul Bakker, Workouttraxx

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