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San Francisco, California

My product, Wiplo.com, is a project management solution that allows users to create a shared, custom kanban-style workspace for their team. On top of this, we have messaging for teams, which requires a solid database to stream updates from.

Compose has been the perfect choice for me ever since starting, it's the service that requires the least of my attention because it is so dang reliable. Being a solo founder, knowing my database is up and working ALL THE TIME gives me peace of mind and lets me focus on improving my product for my customers. The automated backups are great as well, I've never had to use them but it is nice to know they are there.

My application is built with Meteor + Compose, and I decided to subscribe the user to a lot of data up front which puts a significant load on Compose. The database has performed spectacularly, and users constantly remark how quick and snappy the application feels. I've gone through multiple hosting providers but have always stuck with Compose because it has always done everything the right way.

And as a designer, I appreciate the simplicity and beauty of the web user interface. It makes it super simple to jump in and change settings, query for data, and create new databases on the fly.

— Jon Sutherland, Wiplo

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