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Calgary, Canada

As a small startup in Calgary, Canada, we didn't have lots of resources available to scale our business. One of the leading places of concern was ensuring that our important business data is kept safe and secure. Being a small startup, we didn't have the resources in order to hire database engineers whose sole job would be to maintain and scale our database needs, so we turned to Compose. We were able to bring up and manage our different environments for our different micro-services within a short period of time without worrying that when we moved the application into production that the database wouldn't be able to scale or be managed because of failures in our data layer. It finally gave us the freedom to experiment with different databases like MongoDB and PostgreSQL, and in a way that we didn't have to spend tons of time to learn all the ins-and-outs of managing it ourselves.

This really gave the opportunity to our developers to go from a testbed environment to a full production application with the understanding that our customers and application needs were scalable, managed, and always safe and secure. I can't count the amount of time saved.

— Wyatt Johnson, Trumpet

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