A video service that relies on a lean, speedy database.

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Lausanne, Switzerland

Teleport is building a SaaS platform for interactive video, with the goal of allowing anyone to create rich, video-based experiences as easily as one would put a video on YouTube.

After developing several previous projects in everything from PHP to MEAN , passing by Java, etc, we decided time had come to look to the future and decided to build Teleport on Meteor, since it allowed us to write and deploy crazy-fast code at a crazy-fast pace.

Compose was the first place we went for our database hosting, after having had a previous - very good - experience with its service. Since leanness and speed are key in the early stages of any start-up, having a professional service that handles scaling, backups, etc. is of huge value.

Our current infrastructure uses AWS for hosting and content delivery while the database is hosted by Compose, and we didn't once regret that last choice. Over the last year, using Compose saved us easily one man-month of manual database configuration, deployment, etc. And that's not considering the risk of doing something wrong with our bare-bones database and getting stuck with nothing.

So yeah, big up for Compose. Keep up the good work and we hope we'll keep working with you for a long time!

— Gavrilo Bozovic, Teleport

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