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Clearwater, Florida

Our company provides real-time transcription and translation services to companies around the world. When managing our databases prior to Compose it was complicated and there always seems to be an issue. Ever since moving our MongoDB to Compose for our Meteor apps life has become easy. We are no longer worried about our Database uptime and the security controls over the data. We know that our most important asset being the Database is now in safe hands. For that, it is worth much more than the monthly fees we pay and is making our life easier so we can focus on growing and expanding the business.

Compose just saves my developers time and makes their lives easier and to me that just means money in the bank. Thanks, Compose.

We focus all our development using Meteor platform and provide solutions to our clients around the world. One of our websites is live in 23 countries and is growing on a daily basis. We handle many e-commerce transactions, data flow, users access controls and much more for our clients keeping all this data straight before was much harder.

Our transcription platform can handle millions of minutes worth of data in weeks, and as a result, we need to ensure our partners can scale and grow effectively like Compose.

— Benjamin Bressington, Cuppa

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