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Compose for Redis

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Compose for Redis

Redis is a powerful, in-memory key/value store which can act as a cache, queue or transient store in your database stack. The Redis platform is designed to solve practical problems in the modern application stack and offers a chance to use counters, queues, lists and hyperloglogs to handle complex data issues simply. Redis is the modern developers’ multi-bladed tool with something to offer in every use case.

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Deployment configuration

Compose offers hosted Redis in a 2-node configuration. Access is provided through HAproxy TCP portal which is informed by a Redis database monitoring sentinel which node is primary. Then, to allow for all use cases we made two modes — cache and storage — for the nodes. Cache runs with a fixed amount of memory while storage can expand on demand to hold all your essential data.

Serious about security

Platform security

Redis deployments run in their own private VLAN, isolated from other traffic and access is entirely managed by active portals. For compatibility, the HAproxy TCP portals are available with and without SSL and there's also an SSH portal available. SSL connections use Let's Encrypt certificates for simple validation and the TCP portals can use a allowlist to restrict access to the databases.

Admin controls

The Compose console for managing and viewing your databases operates with its own account scheme, with multiple sub-users and roles to enable you to control access to your database administration. The Compose account scheme also includes the option to use two factor authentication to ensure the right people are logging in.

All your databases, one platform

Compose makes it easy to deploy your favorite open source databases in minutes into your preferred cloud datacenter on fast SSDs. Everything you need to run a performant database is available through the Compose web console or Compose APIs.

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