Why IT Consulting and Developer Services Companies Love Compose


One of the great constants of software consulting is this: You need reliable, stable, and repeatable databases and database services. That's why IT consulting companies, software firms, and app developers for the last seven years have sworn by Compose to manage data for all of their clients - everything from messaging apps, social media portals, and online games to mission critical enterprise applications. One thing these diverse consulting firms all agree on is that they’ve found the right mix of databases and managed database services at Compose.

But don't take our word for it. Let's look at a few of their stories and read, in their own words, why they've selected compose.

Differential | Cincinnati, Ohio

Differential is a development studio that provides consulting, custom software development and post-launch support and hosting services to their customers. In one of their recent projects, Differential was approached by Organized Living, a manufacturer of storage and organization products for the home, to build them an easy-to-use 3D visualization tool for their products. That idea was to help customers visualize exactly how a new closet or shelving system would fit into their living quarters.

Running on MongoDB and Meteor.js, Differential produced something that was not only useful for Organized Living but also gorgeous. The new app would replace the previous 2D closet design app that was built in jQuery with a new 3D interactive environment that integrated with Organized Living's back-end ERP system, allowing customers to visualize using actual inventory. It's a project that's indicative of the types of solutions that Differential has been building for their customers since 2013.

When asked why they have been such a loyal user of Compose services, Conrad VanLandingham had this to say: "The quality of all of our interactions with Compose is top notch. Everything from your administration console to your documentation and even to your company culture." Compose's "elastic" scaling provides much-needed automation that makes it easy for their client projects to grow seamlessly.

Read the full case study.

ReadMe | San Francisco, California

ReadMe.io has built a platform for collaboratively writing technical docs and API documentation. It does several things differently from its competitors. First, it allows visitors to test APIs right from the documentation pages which saves users time and gives them a good feel for the tooling. Second, it allows anyone with permission to push changes quickly and easily; no more waiting on other team’s pull requests or time- tables for publishing. And third, it allows anyone (employees, customers, etc.) to suggest changes, much in the same way a wiki works, but with greater control over what gets published and how the pages are designed.

ReadMe is built on Node.js along with Express for the backend and AngularJS for the frontend. They use Compose MongoDB for their primary data store and Compose Redis as a queue for email and for caching certain database calls (reading, not writing). The team didn't have much experience with MongoDB, so they turned to Compose to ensure their deployments were secure and backups were working.

“If you’re not in the position to have a full-time DevOps person, the easiest way to feel secure is using Compose,” said Ashley Chang.

Read the full case study.

C2G Consulting | Lagos, Nigeria

C2G Consulting is a technology company headquartered on Victoria Island in Lagos, Nigeria. Providing consulting and development services – ranging from ERP, HCM, CRM analytics, disaster recovery and more – to both African and global businesses since 2004, C2G recently expanded its offerings with a new multi-tenant bulk ordering and retail execution platform that they've dubbed TradeDepot. TradeDepot is now in beta for some of their mid-to-large sized enterprise customers.

Built on Meteor.js with a Compose MongoDB and Compose RabbitMQ backend, TradeDepot allows product manufacturers to receive orders from distributors and manage the order all the way through to retail outlets. It's much more than a traditional eCommerce tool; it's a complete platform for these customers to manage the supply chain, from manufacturing to retail. One of their first big clients is one of the largest dairy companies in Africa who needed greater insights and control over their milk distribution pipeline.

While C2G's core business remains consulting for some of the largest multi-national companies in the world, TradeDepot firmly pushes them in a new direction of building commercial software to help consumer products companies get more control over their supply chain.

One of the founders of C2G Consulting, Onyekachi (Kachi) Izukanne said, "For us, for any back-end service we can procure from a managed service provider, that would be a more reliable way to go. And while it's early days, so far we're happy with our Compose investment."

Read the full case study.

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