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They answered the call and had the Write Stuff! Now, we need your help to reward one Write Stuff author for their excellence.

In May, we put out the call for developers to submit articles to our blog as part of the Write Stuff program. Every Write Stuff cycle has provided developers with a platform to discuss and share ideas about databases and how to use them in exciting ways. We received some great submissions for this cycle and the best of them were accepted into the Write Stuff program and published on the Compose blog.

Each developer that had an article published through the program received $200 cash and $200 of Compose credit. Now, we want to reward our Write Stuff authors even more and we need your help. We've collected all seven of the articles for this cycle together, and we want you to choose the one you think is the best. Over the next two weeks, we'll look at those results and, with a panel of judges at Compose, select the most significant article from this cycle. Once announced, we'll give the author of the winning article a $500 bonus.

Read the articles below and tell us which one you liked the best. You can also leave us your email address and we'll randomly select voters to receive some Compose swag! Voting will close on August 15th, 2017.

Are you a developer who has something to say about databases? Do you want to reach a wider audience with your ideas about databases (along with getting $200 cash and $200 in Compose credit)? If you answered yes to any of these, check out the details of how you can publish through our Write Stuff program. Already have a great idea? Submit your idea through the program page and we'll get you started.

Our ninth cycle begins on August 1st and runs until the end of October. For this cycle, we're looking for database related articles for a senior developer audience, especially on any of our current database offerings. Articles can range from how-tos to why-nots and from first steps to deep dives. If it's your first time writing and you have a subject or topic you know well, write about that. If you are new to writing but have an idea, send us an outline and abstract of your idea and we can help you make sure that it's headed in the right direction for our audience.


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