Updates for Redis, etcd and the API: Noteworthy at Compose


Updates to Redis and etcd along with more information for API scalers. This is your weekly summary of Compose news for those changes which may make your life easier.

Noteworthy changes

The past week at Compose, we have upgraded Redis to version 4.0.6 and etcd to 3.2.11. There's also, for API users, a more informative /scalings API endpoint.

Redis 4.0.6

There's been a run on Redis versions over the past two weeks. We're now up to Redis 4.0.6 as the latest, stable version. There's a lot to explain about what happened, so we've put it all in an article of its own - Redis Update: 4.0.6 is now available on Compose.

etcd 3.2.11

The second version update this week takes etcd to 3.2.11 from 3.2.10. As well as the usual gRPC updates, a change was made to put more information into the logs when TLS handshakes fail. A complete summary is in the etcd CHANGELOG. For Compose users who want to upgrade, simply head to Settings in your etcd Compose console and select the version you want to change to.

More informative API scaling

The /scalings endpoint in the Compose API lets you view and change how a database deployment is scaled on Compose. When we introduced the endpoint, we thought listing the size of a generic unit of scaling would be enough. As deployments have new ways of being scaled though, we've had to be a bit more descriptive. Two new fields, memory_per_unit_in_mb and storage_per_unit_in_mb now describe the exact mix of RAM and disk that comes with each unit of scale. There's more about this change in the API announcements and, of course, there's the updated endpoint documentation in the API Reference.

Compose Articles

Since the last Noteworthy at Compose, we ended the past week with Compose's regular NewsBits. This one contained the Mongo 3.6 GA, the release of Django 2.0, and some fun with internet favorite, cryptokitties!

That's it for this week's Noteworthy at Compose.

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