RethinkDB, MongoDB and Syslog updates


It's all the small changes we make at Compose which count and with that in mind, here's three small but important changes Compose users want to know about.

Logentries support for SyslogNG Addon

First up, one update that applies to Elasticsearch, Redis, RethinkDB, PostgreSQL and MongoDB+. It's an enhancement to our Syslog-NG add-on. We introduced support for third party log analysis in July with the ability to send log data to Loggly and Papertrail. Now we have added Logentries to our range of supported log analysis platforms. It works just like the other platforms and is ready to use now.

RethinkDB 2.1.3

As you may have noticed we took the beta label off RethinkDB last week with the arrival of RethinkDB 2.1. To be exact, we made RethinkDB 2.1.3 available and existing RethinkDB users may want to upgrade to that version. What you need to know is that if you upgrade an existing RethinkDB deployment, it will maintain the current settings of the deployment. That is, if you currently have two database instances and only SSH tunnelling to your deployment, that is what you'll have after you've upgraded the RethinkDB versions.

We've done this for two reasons. Firstly, because many users are happy with SSH tunnelling or don't need SSL, we'd rather not add an access option for them without them actively asking for the change. Secondly, the high availability features of our non-beta RethinkDB require three, not two, database nodes so that they can vote on how to react to events without needing a tiebreak. That means an extra database node for your cluster and a slightly higher cost for your first gigabyte of storage; an additional $6 to be exact.

So, if you want to upgrade to the three node, SSH or SSL-enabled RethinkDB configuration, request it by opening a ticket from your Compose account or sending a mail to

If you're happy with your two-node, SSH tunnelled RethinkDB configuration, just use the Upgrade Version option on the Compose Dashboard. You'll find it under the Settings of your RethinkDB deployment.

MongoDB 2.6.11

Although MongoDB 3.0 is out and available on Compose, many of you still rely on older production versions of MongoDB. If you create a MongoDB Elastic deployment, for example, you'll get version 2.6.9 of MongoDB by default. We are making sure you still have access to the latest MongoDB updates though, so we are pleased to say MongoDB 2.6.11 is now an available option on Compose's MongoDB deployments. The changes between 2.6.9 and .11 include minor improvements and various bug fixes and, of course, include the changes made in 2.6.10 - you can find the details in the release notes for MongoDB 2.6.

If you wish to upgrade, go to your Compose dashboard, select the deployment you want to upgrade, go to Settings and use the Change MongoDB Version selector to choose which MongoDB version you want to upgrade to. If you have any questions, don't forget you can open a ticket from your Compose account or drop a mail to

Dj Walker-Morgan
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