RethinkDB 2.2.4 available


We've just made RethinkDB 2.2.4 available on our RethinkDB deployment. RethinkDB users on Compose should update. We're just happy that RethinkDB are so fast responding to issues. Read on to find out why.


We watch Aphyr's work at with great interest at Compose. Aphyr, aka Kyle Kingsbury, has been doing a lot of work there on improving the safety of distributed databases and is always an engaging read. It has become a litmus test of quality for systems as to how well they stand up to, and respond to, Jepsen testing.

At the start of the year, Aphyr published the first Jepsen RethinkDB report on RethinkDB 2.1.5. It came out of the testing well and generally proved that it matched the claims made for it. What we didn't realise was that the testing was going to continue. It turns out that Aphyr was going to bump the level of testing up on RethinkDB to include some "more aggressive failure modes". This testing was sufficently aggressive to uncover a subtle error that meant RethinkDB 2.2.3 could lose data when nodes were being added or removed and @Aphyr produced a new Jespen report.

The impressive part was that just over a week ago, RethinkDB shipped version 2.2.4 which already fixes these problems. We've experienced database vendors in the past who were more interested in debating the nature of the testing over fixing problems, so it's refreshing to see RethinkDB not only engage with the Jepsen testing process but work with Aphyr to get fixes out and to provide a detailed look at the problem and its solutions.

At Compose we were already working on a 2.2.3 rollout so we switched to 2.2.4. We released that today and you can now use it in new deployments or upgrade your existing RethinkDB deployments. It's a pleasure for us to be able to update our RethinkDB deployments so quickly and it reminds us why we made RethinkDB a part of the Compose family of databases.

Existing RethinkDB users...

While you are updating your RethinkDB deployments, make sure you've set your "Auth Key" - It's the first thing on your RethinkDB Compose Console and by setting it, you set a key that any applications that access RethinkDB have to use. It gives greater assurance that your connected applications are the applications you want connecting.

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