PostgreSQL Updates on Compose: Noteworthy Extra


There's updates for PostgreSQL and news of a new backup system for very data heavy PostgreSQL users on Compose. Read on for the details.

We're just releasing a set of PostgreSQL updates on Compose. Specifically, PostgreSQL 9.4.18, 9.5.13 and 9.6.9. These versions are being released now and will become the preferred PostgreSQL version in one week's time. All three upgrades bring the latest patch releases of each branch of PostgreSQL to Compose.

How to update

Users of Compose's PostgreSQL 9.4 can in-place upgrade to 9.4.18, 9.5 to 9.5.13 and 9.6 to 9.6.9. For those interested in what has changed, the release notes for 9.6.9, 9.5.13 and 9.4.18 are available. Each release incorporates numerous bug fixes and some enhancements to existing features.

To upgrade, visit your PostgreSQL deployment in the Compose console and go to the Overview page. There should be prompts indicating that you can upgrade and you can follow them or click on the Settings to get to the Change Version panel.

Then select the appropriate version from the drop-down menu and click Change Version. If you have your clients configured for failover, you should see only a minor interruption of service. If not, just get your applications to reconnect and they will connect to the freshly updated PostgreSQL servers.


PostgreSQL customers with large - really large that is - databases are being selected to be able to use a new option at Compose for backups. The new option will switch those users to a pgBackRest based backup system to ensure reliable large-scale backups are being taken. Support for this new capability is incorporated into the updates above. For most Compose PostgreSQL users, this won't be an issue they have to worry about.

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