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Welcome to NewsBits where you'll find the database and developer news from around the net for the week ending November 2nd.

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Database Bits


TimescaleDB, the time-series database extension for PostgreSQL is now 1.0. The announcement includes some of TimescaleDB's history, as well as some notable changes since RC-1 like improvements to their time-series manipulation functions, elastically scaling hypertables across multiple disks, better support other platforms like Windows, FreeBSD and NetBSD, and new capabilities for deploying with Prometheus. Check out the changelog for a great overview of what's been added and fixed to get to version 1.0.


pgAdmin 4 version 3.5 was released this week. The annoucement specifies some new features that were added like migrating to Bootstrap 4 and restoring treeview state when reconnecting. There were a few bug fixes that included renaming the SQL Editor in the Preferences to Query Tool. For the entire scoop, check out the release notes and upgrade to version 3.5.


The popular Node.js client for PostgreSQL got an update as well this week. The update is a feature which allows you to use your own promise library instead of JavaScript's native promises when getting new clients from a connection pool. The changelog mentions the fix, but here's the discussion for more information.

OS Bits


This week was big for Fedora with the release of version 29 of their popular OS. In this release they've included Fedora Modularity, a modular repository where you can install different versions of packages on the same Fedora base. It also includes changes to GNOME 3.30, ZRAM for ARM images, a lot of updated packages, and a whole lot more. Check out their announcement for what's changed and what to expect in the coming months.

Developer Bits


Node 10.13.0 is now the LTS version, and we'll see 10.x versions from here remaining LTS until April 2020. This release includes some minimal changes from 10.12.0, which was released earlier this month, fixing some bugs prior to releasing the LTS version. Take a peek at the changelog for a detailed look at the fixes and changes.


Ruby's package manager Bundler is now 1.17.0. It adds a command that allows you to remove gems from the command line with bundle remove, and adds some new options to commands like bundle outdated --only-explicit, which now shows outdated gems only in the Gemfile. The changelog lists a number of features that have been added to this release.


A really interesting open-source project called Gitbase is a SQL interface written in Go that allows you to write SQL queries to analyze the history and contents of small and very large Git repositories. Francesc Campoy gives us the details about the project and how it works, and there's a presentation as well if you're into seeing how it works.

And finally ...

An interesting use case where medicine meets cryptography. Encrypting medical images using a deep neural network ...

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