Noteworthy at Compose: Scylla ports and Bluemix updates


Your weekly summary of Compose has a run down of the most recent database articles published, changes to Scylla and Compose on Bluemix updates.

Compose Articles

This week at Compose we've been showing you how to use the new meta-commands in PostgreSQL 9.6, find your way around Seattle with PostGIS and pgRouting and how to handle MongoDB as you scale. And, as always, the latest bits of news from around the database and development world in NewsBits.

Scylla Ports

If you are a Scylla user on Compose, here's some good news. New Scylla deployments will have portals with the same port number across the different nodes. This means that, apart from it all being easier to manage, Cassandra Python driver users will be able to use the Address Translation Maps feature. They previously couldn't because, for some unknown reason, multiple hosts in the driver were hard-wired to use one port.

Bluemix's Dashboard

As you may know, Compose databases are also available on IBM's Bluemix, albeit with a different front-end and deployment mechanism to fit in with the Cloud Foundry centric model on that cloud. This week the Compose engineers have given the Bluemix dashboard a whole-scale revamp and redesign, with more information and features supported. The latest addition is vertical scaling of the database under user control. Work on this is also informing our thoughts on how to make the Compose console even slicker.

Bluemix's Compose for JanusGraph

After its successful launch on, the JanusGraph team have now made the graph database, complete with interactive graph browser, available on Bluemix. It's exactly the same database, backed by the Scylla database, but it's on IBM's Bluemix.

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