Noteworthy at Compose: Scylla 1.7.5 and a new Whitelist API


Your weekly summary of Compose has a run down of the most recent database articles published, all the new product announcements, the latest update to Scylla on Compose and a new API for the security minded.

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It's been all about database updates at Compose this week. On Tuesday we rolled out our enhanced high availability for PostgreSQL. On Wednesday, we released a Redis 3.2.11 update but the big news for that day was that etcd 3 was released as generally available. Could we top that? We could - on Thursday, we released Redis 4 on Compose.

But that wasn't all that was going on this week...

Scylla 1.7.5

There's a Scylla 1.7.5 update, a minor change, now available on Compose. This is keeping us in sync with the ScyllaDB development as they head towards the release of Scylla 2.0. When would that be? Well, some time around October 24-25th would be a reasonable guess as that's when Scylla Summit 17 is being held in San Francisco. You can hear how we put JanusGraph and Scylla together for Compose JanusGraph too.

Whitelist API endpoints

Another useful expansion of the current Compose API has taken place. As it is possible to create new database deployments through the Compose API, we were asked would it be possible to lock down their access through the API too. This has previously only been possible by adding IP addresses to the Whitelist in the Security pages of the Compose console on the web. We heard you and so we've added Whitelist endpoints to the Compose API.

There are three new methods that let you list the current whitelist, add whitelist entries and delete whitelist entries. A Whitelist entry has a description and an IP address with, or without, a mask just like the console. It's just another bit of a Compose deployment that you can now automate.

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attribution Jan Kahanek

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