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Redis 5.0 RC1 - The first release candidate for Redis 5.0 has been announced by Antirez, also known as Redis creator Salvatore Sanfilippo. Headlining the feature list is Streams, a new data type in Redis which offers an append-only log data structure which can be consumed by multiple clients independently or through Kafka inspired Consumer Groups. The Streams implementation focuses on in-memory streams so there's no specific disk persistence for the streams. Streams was the focus of the 5.0 development, says Antirez, but there were plenty of other important changes picked up over development cycle.

Redis modules now have access to timers and to the cluster which opens the way for more automated management. The existing cluster manager has been ported to C and is now built into redis-cli rather than being a standalone Ruby application. There's new sorted set commands ZPOPMAX/MIN and matching blocking versions and also a new implementation of HyperLogLog based on a paper and written by its author.

There's also been performance improvements around clients that connect and disconnect often. Talking about client connections, the TLS patch we mentioned in NewsBits in April was looked at for merging into 5.0, but touched too many parts of the code to be a safe merge this late on. In a HackerNews discussion, Antirez says he hopes to merge that early in the Redis 6.0 cycle for extensive testing.

MariaDB 10.3 - Now officially and generally available (and part of last weeks MariaDB TX 3 announcement), MariaDB 10.3.7 is the database server at the heart to MariaDB's enterprise offering. Top feature is system versioned tables which allows tables to be created that log all changes to the table, allowing for auditing, analytics and point in time recovery of that table.

MariaDB also now has an Oracle SQL mode with a new stored routine syntax, changes to cursors, row data types, loop support and Oracle style sequences for key generation. There's also the MyRocks and Spider storage engines and and Instant Add Column feature for InnoDB.

PostGIS - The alpha for PostGIS 2.5.0 has been released. The updated version of the PostgreSQL geospatial support extension will be tracking PostgreSQL 11 beta development with an eye to release alongside PostgreSQL 11 when it goes final. 2.5.0 has a number of new functions and enhancements listed in its NEWS file.

etcd - And it's across the board updates for etcd, with 3.3.6 fixing a number of panics with auth and recovery along with 3.2.21 and 3.1.16 which fix a subset of those panics. You'll find all three on the etcd releases page.

Security Bits

Git - A new maintenance release for Git an RCE vulnerability closed. The vulnerability seems to be most relevant for Git repository hosters; the discoverer used to run an RCE against GitHub Pages - we await the write up this week. What we do know is that checking on paths for submodules wasn't tight enough and getting a ..\ in there was enough to cause real problems. The updates fix that so, you know the drill, update your Git. - Cloudflare's new DNS resolver disappeared for 17 minutes on May 31st. The company explained that it has accidentally mitigated when it did an update to its DDoS mitigation system and took the DNS resolver ranges offline.

Developer Bits

Groovy - Apache Groovy 2.5 has been released bringing, among other things, macro support to the JVM hosted language. Macros in Groovy can create statements, expressions and classes making for interesting possibilities when it comes to meta-programming. If you're using JDK9 or later, be prepared to see a lot of warnings as Groovy tickles parts of the JVM that are now being locked down; Groovy developers are working on that.

NetBeans - The NetBeans IDE is incubating at Apache now, and the first release candidate for Netbeans 9.0 has arrived. The main purpose of this release is to get the code cleared of IP restrictions and ready for Java 9 and 10. Java 10's 'var' is supported as is the Jigsaw module system and the Java Shell from Java 9.

Wtfutil - For the developer who lives in the terminal but wants a dashboard for their day, here's WTF which brings multipanel status/todo/GitHub/Jira/New Relic and much more to your terminal (and it's all in modular Go).

And Finally - In an arch lesson of "It wasn't made for that and you shouldn't do that but it is remarkably cool that you have", BGP Battleships is a thing that exists; the game of Battleships played over the BGP protocol which is used to route the worlds internet traffic.

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