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These are the database, cloud and developer News bits for the week ending July 28th:

Here are the bits:

Scylla - In their mission to be more compatible with Cassandra, ScyllaDB previewed Materialized Views which will be an experimental feature in Scylla 2.0. It'll allow tables to be physically created based on views of other tables, denormalizing information as needed for efficiency.

Elasticsearch - Elasticsearch 5.5.1 has been released, a minor update to the 5.5 release. Also published is Elasticsearch 2.4.6, the last of the 2.4 series of Elasticsearch.

Redis - As can be expected Redis 4.0.1 came rapidly in the wake of last week's Redis 4.0, tidying up some issues that were missed at release time, especially in the new modules engine.

MongoDB - A fresh patch release for the end of July sees MongoDB 3.2.16 addressing some eleven issues that cropped up. It's the second patch release in July

RabbitMQ - RabbitMQ 3.7 is not here yet, but development is progressing with word of Milestone 18's preview release bringing multi-tenant message stores and improvements in autodiscovery. 3.7 is due in Q3 of this year.

KubeDB - With a recently launched website and a rapidly developing platform, KubeDB brings databases and Kubernetes together. It adds backups, logs, monitoring and more to PostgreSQL and Elasticsearch database deployment - there are also prebuilt binaries to make things even quicker to get up and running from the command line.

Cloud Bits

CNCF - The Cloud Native Computing Foundation has a new member, Microsoft, who'll be at the top table with other platinum members such as Cisco, IBM, Google, Samsung, and Intel. CNCF is home to Kubernetes, gRPC, Prometheus, and rkt and other important cloud infrastructure developments.

FreeBSD - Reminding the world it's not just Linux, FreeBSD continues to develop and deliver with FreeBSD 11.1. This update includes the version 4.0 update of the Clang/LLVM toolchain, Hyper-V generation 2 support and better ZFS booting.

Developer Bits

Go - Go 1.9 is coming and this week saw the first 1.9 release canidate. The draft release notes cover what to expect when this release arrives in August.

Scala - Scala developers love the language, but it has never been quick to compile. That's getting better now though with the release of Scala 2.12.3 which apparently sees some significant speedups. Now compilation performance is going to be automatically tested and benchmarked too as part of Scala's development cycle.

Elixir - Version 1.5 of the Erlang VM hosted language Elixir moves to Erlang/OTP 20 and brings developer comforts like UTF-8 atom, function and variable names, an improved interactive experience and enhanced date handling.

Ghost - It's taken a while but the Ghost blogging platform developers have released Ghost 1.0 with a new editor, refreshed UI and lots of plans for the future.

And Finally...

It's DEFCON so here's some super security stuff:

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