NewsBits - Scylla 1.4 released, Datastax/Cassandra diverge, pgAdmin 4 updated, Amazon Linux for all and more


Compose NewsBits for the week ending November 4th - Scylla 1.4 builds on monitoring and tracing, Datastax unhooks itself from the Cassandra development train, pgAdmin 4's first update, Amazon's Linux AMI for all, updated curl, vs Microsoft's Visual Code Studio, buttery smooth Emacs, Scala 2.12.0 goes Java 8, a tiny BearSSL and ZeroMQ remembers Pieter Hintjens.

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Compose Bits

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Database Bits

Scylla 1.4 - The latest production release of the Cassandra-compatible database Scylla 1.4 builds on Scylla's Cassandra legacy compatibility while adding tracing for slow queries and plugging Scylla metrics straight into the Prometheus metrics solution. Development is continuing on Syclla 2.0 which has "many new goodies".

Datastax forks - Datastax, who have been one of the driving forces in the Apache Cassandra community, are making a proprietary fork of Cassandra by opting to select what code they release back to the open source project.

pgAdmin 4 1.1 - The first update of the new pgAdmin 4 version 1.1 has landed. The successor to the powerful, if somewhat overwhelming, pgAdmin 3 is a web application with a desktop shell which opens up some exciting possibilities for simple administration.

Cloud Bits

Amazon Linux AMI - Yes, Amazon's had a Linux AMI for a long long time, but now that machine image is available for all to use . It's not just a copy thrown over the wall either; you can pull an up-to-date docker image to use locally from Amazon's EC2 Container Registry (ECR).

curl updates - Curl 7.5.10 is out and there's eleven CVE's fixed in this release. A good reminder that secure networking applications are especially critical in a modern infrastructure; every connection in or out is exposure for your systems.

Visual Code Studio 1.7 vs npm - Microsoft released an update to their webcentric editor/IDEVisual Code Studio 1.7 with, among the new features, automatic javaScript type file acquisition (ATA for short). Unfortunately, that overloaded the repositories due to CDN networks not caching 404 responses and passing that on to the servers. Microsoft rapidly rolled back to 1.6.1 and now have released 1.7.1 with ATA disabled. Read more in the post mortem. It's an interesting lesson in scaling and the effect clients can have en-masse.

Developer Bits

Butter Smooth Emacs - If you use Emacs in a graphical environment, your eyes are going to thank you for installing Daniel Colascione's patches. His Buttery Smooth Emacs adds double buffering to Emacs to eliminate the flickering that has been around for decades.

Scala 2.12.0 - The version number doesn't really say it, but the new Scala 2.12.0 is a big rework to the Scala language compiler which lets it exploit Java 8 VM features. There's a new optimizer which also tightens and cleans code more effectively.

BearSSL - Just arriving is a new SSL library BearSSL which aims to deliver a small (20KB of code, 25KB of RAM) footprint SSL/TLS library. It's early days for the library but it could help deliver SSL in software into constrained devices, like those on the edge of the IoT network - that is if hardware-supported implementations don't over take it.


ZeroMQ remembers - The ZeroMQ team dedicated the latest ZeroMQ release to Pieter Hintjens, creator of ZeroMQ, author of AMQP, influential writer and thinker, who moved on from this life a month ago. His work will be with us but he will be missed.

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