NewsBits: RethinkDB lives, Redis and PostgreSQL futures, FOSDEM, Rust and Wuzz


NewsBits for the week ending 10th February - RethinkDB has a new home, Redis's future is being mapped out, PostgreSQL 10's features are appearing, a look at FOSDEM, Rust 1.15 and 1.15.1 land, Wuzz is a whizz at HTTP and what do we code in on the weekend?

Compose's NewsBits are the bits of news which we think you should know about. From databases to developer tools and always something extra, these are the NewsBits:

Database bits

RethinkDB Lives

The news that RethinkDB has joined the Linux Foundation was widely welcomed. The code base and many of the associated assets have been purchased by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. The then relicensed from AGPL 3.0 to the much more permissive Apache 2.0 license, and then transferred the project to the Linux Foundation; CNCF is a Linux Foundation project too.

The move means that RethinkDB's destiny is firmly in the community's hands and the relicensing means it will be easier to expand that community. There's a bug fix release (2.3.6) and a new feature release (2.4) in the pipeline too. Congratulations to all involved from Newsbits. More reaction here.

Redis Futures

Antirez tweeted a potential Redis 4.2 roadmap which includes lots of improvements for Redis Clusters, ZipPacks being replaced with Listpacks and the implementation of Disque as a Redis Module. It's only a roadmap, but it's an exciting one... Redis 4.0 is still to arrive as stable.

PostgreSQL 10

Features are landing for PostgreSQL 10 due at the end of this year. The DSHL blog has, as usual, been looking at some of them including the huge logical replication patch which adds a selective replication engine to PostgreSQL, the table partitioning alternative to table inheritance and the sequence catalog which makes all sequences easier to find.

Meanwhile, there's a version update for all existing PostgreSQL releases that's just landed. That means 9.6.2, 9.5.6, 9.4.11 and more are the latest versions.

Developer Bits


Over in Brussels last weekend, FOSDEM brought thousands of FOSS developers and users together for hundreds of talks. Too many to cover here, but as an example: How many datatypes does PostgreSQL have out of the box? If you didn't say 361, you'll want to watch PostgreSQL data types (slides).

Rust 1.15....1

Landing just as NewsBits went out last week, Rust 1.15 continues Rust's drumbeat releases with the addition of custom derive attributes to the language, a rewritten (in Rust) build system and more. And as we write NewsBits this week, Rust 1.15.1 has also landed, fixing two issues in the 1.15 release.


Popping up on the radar, Wuzz - a Go based interactive HTTP inspector that lets you enter an HTTP URL/REST endpoint, add parameters, request data and headers and get a searchable response back. Very compact and neat.

Something for the weekend

According to Stack Overflow's analysis of time, tags and differences, on the weekend people are doing a lot more Haskell (and Assembly and OpenGL) than they do during the week. Is it time for you to Learn You a Haskell for Great Good too?

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