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Database Bits

Redis 4.0.9 - The latest update to Redis has a critical fix in it if you run with AOF and fsync=always set. According to the Redis 4.0.9 announcement, it was possible that the server could reply "ok" before it had made sure data had been written to disk. As that's the point of the fsync=always setting, it was a critical issue. There are other bugfixes and enhancements like tracking the percentage of keys expired but yet to be evicted which appears in INFO.

Scylla 2.1.1 - A small Scylla bugfix update landed in Scylla 2.1.1 fixing a regression that could cause a crash at initialization time. Scylla 2.0 and 2.1 will now see only critical bug fixes as the team focus on the development of Scylla 2.2.

PostgreSQL TopN - Counting is hard, counting the top ten is harder still. That's why the good people at Citus Data have open-sourced their new PostgreSQL extension, TopN. It takes a data set and ranking rule and using an approximation algorithm efficiently works out top elements in that data set. It turns the results into JSONB so you can use them for more aggregation. You can find the TopN code in the TopN repository on Github.

Cloud Bits

Kubernetes 1.10 - The automated cluster managing platform Kubernetes has had its first release of 2018 with Kubernetes 1.10. The previously alpha durable local storage and persistent volume features now move to beta. Also in beta, install time support for selecting CoreDNS to do DNS. Enabling external credential providers through a new extension point is a new alpha feature in 1.10 too.

Security Bits

Qubes OS 4.0 - If you've not met it, Qubes describes itself as "a reasonably secure operating system". What it actually does allow a bare metal hypervisor run like an integrated operating system. Each application runs in its own virtual machine on the hypervisor, isolated from every other application. If you have an interest in security, then it's worth checking out, especially now Qubes 4.0 has been released after two years in development. A new permissioned administration API and fully virtualized VMs to protect against the Spectre and Meltdown problem are among the new features.

Developer Bits

Swift 4.1 - Apple's updated the Swift language with the release of Swift 4.1 adding a number of generics-related features to the language. For example, Swift can now synthesize what it means for two structs to be equatable - compared with == - without additional code. The Swift developers are using the Swift Evolution process to introduce and refine these changes.

Rust 1.25 - It's a big update for Rust with Rust 1.25 with a major upgrade in the LLVM toolchain that sits inside the Rust tools. There's also clearer importing with the use command and Rust by Example is now part of the Rust documentation.

IBM Plex - Looking for a new font? You may want to check out IBM's Plex font. It got its official launch as IBM's new corporate font this week, with IBM Plex Sans, Serif, Sans-Condensed, and Mono in the family. IBM Plex is also under an open font license and its source is up on Github with OpenType, FreeType and Web downloads available.

And Finally... APL is an amazing language. If you want proof, check out Conway's Game of Life in APL, a video from 2009 in which the classic generational process is built from first principles and animated before your eyes. And if that inspires you, you can get APL for your desktop from the makers of that video, Dyalog.

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