NewsBits - PostgreSQL Tips, RethinkDB post-mortem, Go IDE, and more


NewsBits for the week ending January 20th: Some PostgreSQL tips and SSL news, the RethinkDB post-mortem, a JetBrains Go IDE announced, and a brief comparison of some Functional Javascript systems.

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Database Bits

Two Tips for PostgreSQL - Take the control of JOIN ordering away from the planner and improve LIKE queries with Arrays at Two simple Postgres tips to kick-start year 2017.

No PostgreSQL server restarts for SSL reconfigs in Postgres 10 - Currently new certs or any reconfig of SSL requires a full restart of PostgreSQL. Not great for production servers. We at Compose are excited to see the following feature coming in Postgres 10: Reload SSL certificates on SIGHUP.

Experimental Memory Defragmentation in Redis - While it may not apply to all, this experimental checkin might be important if you need it.

Always pay attention to MySQL/MariaDB warnings - A healthy reminder to heed warnings.

Other Bits

RethinkDB post-mortem from Slava Akmechet - A thoughtful and insightful review of why RethinkDB failed from the leader of the RethinkDB team.

Ransomware continues, now CouchDB and Hadoop - More openly accessible deployments are attacked and the data being wiped out.

Development Bits

Gogland a commercial IDE for Go from Jetbrains - Go's continued march of gaining mind share among developers will certainly be helped by this upcoming IDE from JetBrains, the makers of IntelliJ Idea.

Javascript vs Elm vs Purescript vs GHCjs vs Scalajs - A quick review of some of the tradeoffs between these purely functional programming platforms for the browser.

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