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Database Bits

MongooseJS - There's been a feature rich update of Mongoose, the Node/MongoDB ODM, with the release of Mongoose 5.10. Headlining the new features is maps, an ability to validate and store key/value pairs within the ODM. A Code Barbarian blog gives a detailed rundown of what was the oldest open issue on Mongoose's Github repo. The other features include a gettable _id, a Model.startSession() call, session setting support for documents, FindOneAndDelete, FindByIdAndDelete.

OmniDB - The 2ndQuadrant GUI for PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL and MariaDB gets an update so it up to date with support for BDR 3.0 and pglogical 3.0. There's also support for connecting to databases through SSH tunnels and better support and visualization for PostgreSQL 10's partitioned tables and partitions. Oh, and a bug we noticed in our roundup of tools has now been fixed so we're happily browsing MySQL 5.7 tables now. You can get your copy at

MongoDB - A small update for MongoDB 3.4 comes with version 3.4.15. It the end of support for Ubuntu 12.04 and SLES 11 and a new startup warning if the WiredTiger cache takes more than 80% of RAM (which does sound like a bad thing). Other fixes are listed in the changelog.

Tidis - Tidis is a work in progress which layers the Redis protocol over the TiKV distributed storage layer. That means it can handle Redis commands such as string, list, hash, set and sorted-set using standard Redis clients. Unlike Redis, the data structures are persisted to disk through TiKV's RocksDB stores. It's an interesting take on using Redis semantics for a quite un-Redis use case.

PostgreSQL futures - PostgreSQL 11's first draft of release notes have been assembled by Bruce Momijan and with 167 items listed there's plenty to take in. There's lots of work taking place on partitions to make them even more useful, improvements to parallel queries, and index enhancements like an INCLUDE option. Momijam picked out one useful feature which most command line users will appreciate - "Allow 'quit' and 'exit' to exit psql when used in an empty buffer". This is a living document though and it will be being updated all the way to the alpha, beta and final release, due around October.

Developer Bits

Node 8.11.2 LTS - If you're running Node LTS, there's an update for you with Node 8.11.2. This is an update which syncs up current work on http2 and node-api packages and gets them into the LTS edition.

And finally... dip into the design history of a calculating legend in Codex99's The HP-35. It's such a classic, HP brought the look back in the HP35S.

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