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Welcome to NewsBits where you'll find the database, cloud, and developer news from around the net for the week ending November 24th:

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It's a remarkably quiet week for the database world this week so there's no with Thanksgiving and the long weekend. But we do have some developer and history bits for you.

Developer Bits

Rust: The latest version of Rust has landed. Rust 1.22 (and 1.22.1 - it's a short story involving a bug in Cargo and macOS High Sierra) is now available and it's bug feature is expanding the use of the ? operator for error handling. ? sends errors up the call tree and now it works with 'Optionsrather than justResults`.

Java: The next generation of enterprise Java, EE4J (Eclipse Enterprise for Java) has unveiled 9 proposed projects to become part of the project. A scalable server framework, open message queues, a Java Server Faces implementation, a Message-Oriented-Middleware layer, two APIs for WebSockets, JAX-RS and the Jersey framework and a JSON processing package. Meanwhile, the project is wrestling with that classic issue 1 - coming up with a name.

Linux bcache: If you've just installed the latest Linux kernel, 4.14, then you'll want to be upgrading to the new 4.14.2. A bug in the bcache (Block layer cache) was spotted knocking out entire file systems and 4.14.2 has a patch for that.

Atom security: Would you believe a text editor could be tricked into a remote code execution? As the author of From Markdown to RCE in Atom shows us, the use of web technologies like JavaScript, HTML and CSS also bring web vulnerabilities to the desktop application. In this case, it's Github's Atom editor and the bugs and weak mitigations have already been fixed. It's a timely reminder of the different attack surfaces exposed in modern web-on-your-desktop style applications and there's a lot of them about these days.

History Bits

UNIX: Want to remember what the good old days were like? We recently saw how you could read a typeset version of the 3rd Edition UNIX manual, regenerated with modern tools - find older UNIX manuals on GitHub. Now, go even further back and run First Edition UNIX on a PDP Simulator running in Docker. The instructions are here (spoiler: docker run --rm -it bahamat/unix-1st-ed) and it lets you get up and running without having to figure out how to run the PDP 11 simulator.

And finally...

The Chrome Browser has a dinosaur game you can play when you are offline. You can play online (go to about:dino and press space) but imagine if you could play it in real life. That's what Uri Shaked dreamt and he made a real-life version of the T-Rex game.

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