MongoDB Ruby Driver 2.1.0 is out


We're big users of Ruby at Compose and so are many of our MongoDB-using customers, so we're pleased to see an update of MongoDB's Ruby Driver to version 2.1.0. The update has been in beta since July and each iteration since then has been fixing more bugs. These include bugs we've discovered ourselves at Compose like an incorrectly triggered error message (RUBY-1022), a small problem with encoding (RUBY-947) and some unhandled exceptions (RUBY-901) which are all fixed in the 2.1.0 release.

Of course there's a lot more to 2.1.0 than fixes to bugs we found at Compose. As the release history shows, MongoDB Inc have been working hard making the Ruby driver better than ever. There's fixes for SSL reconnections and failure retries along with support for SSL server certificate verification, Unix domain sockets and max_time_ms settings in various operations, and warnings rather than errors for URI options. The release history carries a full list - remember to include the changes made in the beta and rc0 versions for the complete picture.

You can get the new driver by running gem install mongo, but before you do that to your production systems remember it is prudent to test and make sure you can roll back. You'll want to at least check that your application manages to handle server fail-overs correctly, but we recommend you do that check with any MongoDB-using application. Use bundle so you can move your application forward (and backwards) between versions while testing.

The MongoDB Ruby Driver team are doing a great job with the Ruby driver, especially when you consider they are working with a radically rewritten version that was released less than six months ago. Ruby Driver 2.0 has brought an end to the mess of Ruby MongoDB drivers and 2.1 sees the developers building on that new foundation.

Dj Walker-Morgan
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