Compose's Write Stuff - And the cycle bonus goes to....


Voters turned up, the votes were cast, and it was a tight race for a while, but one author came out above the rest and has been selected to receive the $500 Compose Write Stuff bonus.

The numbers have been crunched and we are pleased to announce that the $500 Write Stuff bonus goes to:

Don Omondi for his Push Notifications with MongoDB

Don's article took a common need, push notifications, and looked at how to apply it using MongoDB, complete with device fingerprinting, a bit of MongoDB validation and the required browser side JavaScript. Well done Don!

If you've not come across Write Stuff before, it's our program to Compose that gives experienced database users a platform to share their knowledge of the industry and spread best practices. From new technology to their own work with databases in production. Each Write Stuff cycle is usually three months long. At the end of each cycle, we invite you to vote, merge the results with our analytics data and an algorithm selects the winner for us.

We're always impressed with the range of contribution from Write Stuff participants. Take this cycle; we had articles that looked at using different programming languages with databases like Go and C#, articles that looked in depth at MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, MySQL, and RabbitMQ, as well as topics covering PostgreSQL tools, mobile technology, integration testing, which was topped off with a look at Hyver and how they use the Scylla database to solve API key management.

Do you have something to say about databases?

Do you have something you want to say about databases? Is there a technique you want to share with the world? Have you harnessed the power of multiple databases? Or tamed a wild table? You could well be the kind of person we're looking for, someone with the Write Stuff.

If you would like to take part in Compose's Write Stuff, you'll find more details on the program page. The eighth cycle started on August 1st and will run until the end of October. There's $200 of cash and $200 of database credit available and a $500 bonus to the article that is selected as best by Compose and readers at the cycle's end.

If it's your first time writing and you have a subject or topic you know well, write about that. If you are new to writing but have an idea, we can help you make sure that it's headed in the right direction for our audience. We're here to help and we look forward to your ideas landing in our mail soon.

If you have any feedback about this or any other Compose article, drop the Compose Articles team a line at We're happy to hear from you.

Abdullah Alger
Abdullah Alger is a former University lecturer who likes to dig into code, show people how to use and abuse technology, talk about GIS, and fish when the conditions are right. Coffee is in his DNA. Love this article? Head over to Abdullah Alger’s author page to keep reading.

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