Compose's Little Bits #8


A collection of links that have caught the eye of Compose's Technical Content Curator over the past week. This week, Nimrod for MongoDB, Massive.js for PostgreSQL, PostGIS, UUIDs, PHP 7, curl, ghi, OpenSSL and some Cutting.


Nimrod - As an unofficial shell for MongoDB based on Node.js, Nimrod has a lot of potential. Valeri Karpov's talk about building Nimrod is now available. Nimrod has the potential to make a MongoDB shell that's actually a client development platform with file and network I/O, access to NPMs and concurrency.

Massive.js - This one's been around for a little while, but just popped up on the radar as an alternative to ORMs with PostgreSQL. Massive.js can turn SQL statements into first order JavaScript methods while also simplifying queries with a find style syntax. It also knows about JSONB in PostgreSQL. We'll be having a closer look in the near future.

PostGIS - And if you want to use the PostgreSQL PostGIS extension and want to be aware of potential gotchas then catch Paul Ramsey's PostGIS Gotchas. Ramsey works at CartoDB and has a geospatial background and flags up all the things which you usually don't know about mapping things in geographic space.

UUIDs - Antirez discussed his technique for generating Unique IDs and, in passing, notes that he uses this technique in Disque.


PHP 7.0.0 - The latest version of PHP, 7.0, has been released. A new Zend engine, reduced memory use, more and better exceptions and a better random number generator are among the results of two years of development and offer a PHP that's claimed to be twice as fast as PHP 5.6.

curl - Another venerable tool just updated is curl. The just released curl 7.46.0 marks the 150th public release of the 18 year old tool. The update brings many security fixes, a -next option to step through different requests on the same URLs, HTTP/2 support, SMB/CIFS support and more.

ghi - Love Git and Github but wish you could interact with Github from the command line the same way you can with Git comands? Then checkout ghi which lets you do just that - from the command line you can manage your issues and project milestones and leave comments.


OpenSSL - Make sure you've scheduled in some time to update your OpenSSL. There's an advisory for four flaws just published with fixes already available.

And Finall-y

Cutting - Hadoop creator Doug Cutting talked with SCALE about open source: how to evolve and how to succeed.

Dj Walker-Morgan
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