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This is your weekly summary of Compose news for those changes and updates which can make your life easier. In this November 12th 2018 edition, we look at changes happening in the Compose UI with some deployments getting new connection strings that use Let's Encrypt certificates, and we'll show you what that will look like. We'll also take a look at the past week's Compose Articles.

We've been working hard on giving you a better, safer, and cleaner way to connect to your databases by using Let's Encrypt enabled database connections. We are now in the process of releasing LE-enabled connection strings for most MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Elastisearch, etcd, Redis, Scylla, and JanusGraph deployments.

What about your current connection strings? Your current * connection strings will still work with your self-signed certificate. We are not turning off the switch, just changing their presentation and guiding you towards a better way to connect. If you already have LE enabled on your deployment, great, your LE-enabled connection strings won't change and will continue to work.

Over the coming days, you'll see the changes in the Compose UI connection string panel. If your existing Connection Info panel has * connection strings and a self-signed certificate panel like:

You'll now see that changed to the following with LE-enabled strings:

This means that there's no self-signed certificate for you to download because it's no longer needed. Also, connections to * will now go to unique * addresses. That means instead of using a self-signed certificate to connect to your deployment, simply provide the new LE-enabled connection strings to your driver without the self-signed certificate. Remember to use both connection strings for high availability.

For any assistance, our support team is happy to help you out. Just create a ticket by emailing

Compose Articles

Last week was a pretty slow week. In last week's Noteworthy at Compose, we covered Compose for MongoDB upgrades from version 3.4.10 to 3.6.8. You can upgrade right now to version 3.6.8 if you have a version 3.4.10 deployed.

Also, we had a lengthy NewsBits that looked at the IBM-Redhat acquisition, PostgreSQL upgrades, the Scylla 3.0 announcement, the GraphQL Foundation, and lots more. Check out those bits by clicking on the link above.

That's it for this week's Noteworthy at Compose. Onward to next week!

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