API Changes Coming


If you are one of MongoHQ's customers who has used the old API, you should have received an email about this already. In case you missed it though and, in the spirit of transparency, for everyone else, we're letting all our customers and readers know that we are making an important change to our APIs. The change will enable our new API to leave beta and go into production.

If you use the older API, you'll need to change the API endpoint you use to https://api.mongohq.com/2011-09. You will need to make that change before July 18th, 2014. If you don't then after that date, it is very likely you'll find API calls failing to work correctly. There's updated documentation for the old API which reflects these changes.

This should be the only time we'll ever need you to change the main API endpoint. One of the features of our new API is a versioning mechanism which allows us to route you to the right edition of the API transparently. The new API is packed full of features which let you manage your MongoHQ deployments from the highest level of creating elastic MongoDB systems with a single call right down to examining the statistics on a collection.

We think thats really neat and if you think so too, you'll want to check out the new API documentation. Do be aware though that only our latest deployment technology (Elastic and Dedicated MongoDB) are supported by the new API and that our legacy, small, large and sandbox databases are not supported.

If you've got any questions or concerns about this change, remember you can reach us at support@mongohq.com where we'll be more than happy to help.

Dj Walker-Morgan
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