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Why We Built Compose

Your developers' time is your most valuable asset. Most devs feel their time is better spent building their applications rather than wrestling with database provisioning and maintenance. We couldn't agree more.

We created MongoHQ, the first DBaaS (Database as a Service) of its kind, to help devs get their time back by providing an easy to deploy and scale data store. As we expanded our other database offerings to developers, we took on the name Compose.

We’ve spent the last 7 years helping developers ship applications with production grade databases. Our expert team of database engineers have seen it all and worked hard to build a highly-repeatable deployment process. Using Compose, companies can now deploy databases instantly with backups, monitoring, performance tuning, and a full-suite of management tools. In 2014, we introduced Transporter, an open source tool for helping companies deploy polyglot persistence architectures to take advantage of each database's strength and capabilities.

Compose was founded in 2010 and participated in the Summer 2011 Y Combinator class. In 2015, Compose was acquired by IBM becoming part of the IBM Cloud group.

Our Location

Our highly distributed team is proof positive that the best talent isn’t found in a single zip code. From London to Johannesburg to Montreal, we’re everywhere you are.

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