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Performance and reliable data layers for developers who'd rather spend their time building apps than managing databases.

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With Compose, everything you need to manage your data layer is just a few clicks away.

Ensure your databases are always secure, fast, and highly available. Our battle-hardened database deployment platform makes running one or hundreds of databases in the cloud easy so you can get back to developing great apps.

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Easily manage all your databases

Deploy, monitor, manage, and query your databases through one simple interface. Or, add users and set permissions, add new nodes, and access daily log files with ease.


I've gone through multiple hosting providers but have always stuck with Compose because it has always done everything the right way.

Jon Sutherland, Wiplo

Auto-scaling ease

Resource allocation for databases automatically adjusts as your database grows to maintain a proportional, consistent ratio between memory and storage. You can also manually adjust your deployments to allocate additional resources.


The biggest and best part of using Compose is that we don't need a team of DevOps people to manage our database resources and instances.

Vikram Tiwari, Omni

Built-in reliability and redundancy

Every deployment includes a 2 or 3 node cluster and failover begins as soon as a leader goes down. Our team is constantly monitoring your deployment health and immediately notified of any issues. Daily backups and weekly and monthly snapshots are also included automatically.


The key with using Compose is that we don't have to manage the infrastructure, setup, security, scalability, updates, backup and general health of these database systems.

Brian Norton, Chameleon

All your databases, one platform

Compose makes it easy to deploy your favorite open source databases in minutes into your preferred cloud datacenter on fast SSDs. Everything you need to run a performant database is available through the Compose web console or Compose APIs.

Compose Enterprise

Compose Enterprise offers data isolation on dedicated hosts in any region you choose with the same flexibility and ease of our public cloud service — all backed by premium support.

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